All kids deserve quality time outdoors.

The Youth Outdoor Policy Playbook

Regular time outdoors is critical for children’s healthy development. But today’s kids average less than 10 minutes playing and learning outside per day — and more than 40 hours per week in front of a screen. This trend has serious implications for our kids, and our planet.

Lawmakers across the U.S. are passionate about connecting children to the benefits of time spent in nature–and their states’ outdoor economies and natural resources. The Youth Outdoor Policy Playbook highlights successful bipartisan policy initiatives and provides resources to support new statewide efforts to increase environmental education and youth engagement in the outdoors.

The Youth Outdoor Policy Playbook is designed to:

  • Highlight existing and promising policy solutions for driving youth outdoor engagement.
  • Share the knowledge and experience of environmental education and outdoor engagement champions to drive new, innovative ideas.
  • Connect cross sector leaders working on statewide policy initiatives.

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Explore the Playbook

Why Youth Outdoors

Research shows that playing and learning outdoors is critical for children’s health, well-being and academic success. Learn more about the benefits of spending regular time in nature.

Policy Framework

The Youth Outdoor Policy Framework outlines principles and key policy ideas for getting more kids outside.

Policy Library

Check out these resources to help make the case and develop policies that increase equitable access to the outdoors.